NHS nurse hanged herself after being bullied by colleagues

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An NHS nurse hanged herself after being bullied by colleagues, an inquest heard.

Pictured: Rhian CollinsMother-of-two Rhian Collins, 30, was allegedly sworn at and picked on by fellow staff at a mental health hospital where she worked.

She told her family her colleagues made her life ‘very difficult’ and would given her the worst night shifts.

At an inquest into her death, investigating officer Sergeant Nia Lambley said: ‘She was having issues at work. She was being sworn at, bullied and believed she was continually given the worst shifts on the ward.

‘This lead to her becoming obsessed with her appearance and she would go to the gym four times a day.’

The family told police Miss Collins was struggling to cope with the ‘stress and unsociable hours’ and was looking to get a new job.

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