Have you been wronged by the police in some way?

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At Obaseki Solicitors we specialize in ‘Civil Actions Against the Police’. If you believe the police have abused their powers, we can help you make a claim for compensation.

Have you been wronged by the police in some way, for instance subjected to

• False imprisonment 
• Unlawful arrest
• Assault
• Police Abuse
• Unlawful use of a police warrant
• Negligence
• Malicious prosecution
• Trespass
• Missing Property

We can help in many situations like this and understand your needs. If you want our specialist help to sue the police, please contact Obaseki Solicitors on 0207 739 7549

Please note that ‘Civil Actions against the Police’ for compensation are different to ‘Complaints made directly to the Police’ who deal with complaints internally.


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