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Obaseki Solicitors are situated at Unit 1, 222 Kingsland Road London E2 8AX. We are exclusive practice offering National and International experience to ensure your legal matters are managed professionally.


Alternatives to the Hostile Environment back on at House of Commons 12th September 2018 @pm reserve your place and receive our questionaire on what immigration policy changes you want the government to make.

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Education Law: Today discussing with our expert Rebecca Joseph Nayamah what to do when facing exclusion, appeals, entrance exams or disagreements with your child’s school. Parents-Vs Teachers!

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Ms. Jennifer Obaseki on #Sky Channel 589 FOUNDER AND SENIOR PARTNER Holding a BA in Law and Economics, she founded – Obaseki Solicitors and is the senior partner. With her successes in representing clients with difficult immigration and human rights matters spreading internationally, the practice is considered to have leading influence.The firm specialises and is dedicated to improving human rights , family rights as well as assisting clients to develop successful businesses- they have acquired anumber of awardsand extensive testimonials. http://obasekisolicitors.com/


Ms. Jennifer Obaseki

Founder and Senior Partner
Ms. Jennifer Obaseki holds a BA in Law and Economics. She founded Obaseki Solicitors and is the senior partner. With multiple success in cases, she has represented clients in difficult immigration and human rights cases in the UK and internationally. She is considered to having leading influence. The firm is dedicated to human rights and family rights; as well assisting clients to develop successful businesses. Together as a team they have acquired a lot awards and extensive testimonials.

Marcus Muirhead

Head of Immigration Appeal
Marcus holds an LLB, LLM, MRes, and is our current head of immigration appeals. He deals with all immigration matters ranging from leave to remain applications. naturalisation, immigration appeals, lodging judicial review for upper tier tribunal. Mr Marcus has been with the firm since 2005 working in a range of departments. However in 2010 he took decision to specialise in Immigration. He has handled a number of complex cases, either at the application stage or before the 1st tier or upper tier tribunals. Mr Muirhead has about 90% success rate at the 1st tier and upper tier immigration tribunals

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